We are Product Development Manufacturing Program Management Specialists

About Us

Key facts:

  • Based in Coventry, UK. We have clients in the UK, France, Russia, Japan and the USA.
  • Our combined Engineering experience is 130 years!
  • We prefer Solidworks over other CAD packages.
  • Most of us are Gamers. We use Discord for our internal messenging system and sit on comfy gaming chairs.
  • We can 3D print just about anything. We even sell .stl files and prints to the 3dprint community.
  • Music is encouraged in the office. And afternoon naps!
  • Our turnover has tripled year on year since we started trading.
  • 80% of our customers have hired us for repeat business.
  • Dogs are better than cats. (Andy insisted this is added..)

We pride ourselves on efficient delivery and an excellent industry network. We can get anything designed, made and moved. We are also industry partners to a number of Universities for research purposes. These include, University of Warwick, Coventry University, University of Brighton, Liverpool John Moore and Leeds.

Alongside our permanent staff, we currently have 15 independant contractors audited to our standard of delivery, allowing us to offer a range of services.

Did you know?

Our project managers have delivered large scale (£60M) projects into production.

How it started & How its going!

October 2018

Recognise this? Its the first sketch of our offering, it went into our business plan and from there, all things are made.

Hi, I’m Andy and my pride and passion is The Bowen Brothers Ltd!  

Since September 2000 I have been involved in manufacturing. From quality control, metal forming, machining and moulding – the journey has been exceptional! As with any skillset, eventually you provide so much value for your employer and have relatively little strategic decision making opportunities – so you go it alone.. through a pandemic, with no idea what SEO is or how to build a sales funnel.

I formed The Bowen Brothers Ltd in 2018 and started trading in 2019.  We’re a bootstrap company (using our own cash) so growth dependended solely on us. 

As it turns out, between a few different start up companies we had all of the necessary skillsets to provide services, gain reach to new clients and become compliant. 

So, three years of growth and out of the ‘start up’ stage. Our products and services have been delivered hundreds of times and our Engineers are extremely competent.

Exciting times ahead!

October 2021

Lockdown was a nervous time for the self employed. Imagine being in a place where no government support was available because you hadn’t been trading for long enough to have a full year of accounts..

Yup! That was us!

So what did we do?

Fortunately we had very low overheads at the moment the world locked down so luck has played a part in our survival.

The planning part was in the diversification of customer industries. Part of our plan from day one was to service multiple sectors. After all, every sector has product that needs designing, right?

  • Safety equipment or tools
  • Toys and games
  • Packaging and movement aides
  • Consumer product across several industries

Here we are with customers in consumer Home goods, Textiles, Manufacturing, Automotive, Rail and Construction!

During our launch we wanted to show potential customers the real us.. Building a relationship with the customer is part of what we do. You cant deliver what they want if you dont know them. (The personal side of us is over on Pinterest and LinkedIn, go check us out!)

At the time of writing we are 5 permanent staff and 15 agency specialists. We now have our own office, the ability to assemble product, a supply chain able to make any type of product and a strong research and investment team.

Our ambitions have grown too.. keep an eye on our blogs for instant updates.