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We're moving!

Our own space…

For the past year we have worked wherever our clients are. We have embedded engineers within the client workforce and worked remotely as a team.

Then someone ate a forbidden fruit(bat) and the whole world locked down

People got lonely. Those with kids slowly lost their sanity and businesses all over the place were going bust!

Fortunately The Bowen Brothers Ltd is at a reasonable size with low overheads and very stable customers so we can weather the storm. 

But our team – still lonely and insane.


Our answer? To go against the flow and get ourselves an office. A bit of clever budgeting here and there and that’s exactly where we are.


We are moving into an office!! Together! At the end of this next lockdown


All measurements will be put in place to ensure its safe for everyone. It is not mandatory. It’s a space for people to escape to if its getting too much at home. You can even go there just to play a few games or socialise.


Once Covid-19 is over we will continue with the office to have a home for our team. We now realise how important it is to have somewhere else in our lives. Somewhere that’s not mandatory and not sterile.

Hoping to move in early 2021. Keep an eye on the blog for more!


We cannot wait to welcome you 

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