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We work with clients to explore their existing ideas and throw in a few of our own. With a deep knowledge of product design and product launch, we add real value into the thinking process.
Maybe you have had a product idea but want to sound it out. Maybe you’re a business looking to launch your first own product? Either way we are here to challenge, listen and help grow your idea into the feasibility stage.
1 day workshop at your UK location* with up to 10 people £945 + VAT and Travel costs

Also available, interactive workshops for remote teams.

Output – a bunch of ideas with actionable plans on what to do next!
*International clients please contact us for a quote


Find your space in the market or competitively enter a busy product market with our deep analysis.
We find who is making what and then we work with you (or your Marketing team) to establish the direct competition. Then we buy them , get them into our workshop and the magic happens:
1. We study their defining attributes – why the customer buys them. We also look for design weaknesses and opportunities for you to better their design.

2. We note down their materials, their part weights, their assembly types.

3. We estimate the cost per part, for the tooling and piece cost.
You end up with a detailed report on your competitors with some recommendations on where to exploit their weaknesses and what to steer clear of.

Making the same mistakes as others is costly.

Our benchmarking prices reflect the complexity of your product idea


Legislation, REACH, IP Checks, CE, UKCA and more

We believe understanding the landscape before you run away with design is the most important thing you can do.
We have a design responsibility for the safety of the consumer, the sustainability of our planet and the quality of our product.
We check the requirements both in your intended launch markets and against all the large approval bodies. If you’re design is complete and you’re looking to enter an additional market we can also help you understand what to do next.

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Not all design houses are created equal.

Our product designers come from the likes of JLR, Dyson and Samsung. They work directly alongside our Engineering team so their concepts have a healthy mix of creativity and realism.
Whether your brief is detailed towards a market and requirements or you need help turning a sketch into a professional looking concept, we will work closely with you to understand exactly what you want.
This is where we’re different.. we also think about your wider needs
  • Crowd funding? We will ensure you get some great visual sketches, renders and even photos/videos of your design in progress.
  • Talking to VC’s? Lets get some early concepts into CAD and 3D print them. There is nothing like a physical prop to show you’re far in your journey.

Our concept pricing is based on hours/days required which depends on the complexity of your design. We will spend time with you to understand your needs and provide a detailed quote within two weeks.

Engineering & Development

The output of the Engineering phase is a full suite of technical information and digital assets ready to receive quotes from manufacturers.
Where we differ from others is the detail of the input
Based on an understanding of the products function, the desirable attributes and design principles for manufacturing, service and reliability, we use Failure Mode Effect Analysis and the ACCESSFM method to engineer the perfect product for you.
Did you know?
We also re-design and up revision existing designs.
If you have an existing product or family of products and need to redevelop or control engineering change, give us a call to discuss.

Supply Chain

What happens if your supply chain goes out of business, encounters a natural disaster or does not perform to your requirements?
Sourcing the right supply chain takes effort and determination up front, and its where corners are generally cut.
The effort is worth it, we know you’ll thank us later when the unforeseen happens and you can still feed your production line.
We audit suppliers and use risk management and mitigation techniques in order to understand their current plans for constraints or interruption in service. We help build in plans for continuation of supply under most circumstances.
As part of this we also ensure the commercial contracting reflects the requirements of your supply and protects your needs.

Our current network of suppliers cover many areas of manufacturing

We also know leather goods, poured foams, Industrial knitted fabrics and PU/uPVC textiles.

I Want To Change Want To Audit My Current Need a New Supply Chain


You want an assembly partner to manage your suppliers inbound timing and quality. You want to build a quality history and prevent recurrence of issues. Work instruction sheets and standardisation of process allow you to reduce the time it takes to make each part so you can reduce the build cost and increase your margin.
We have access to several assembly partners, all of which we have launched product with. Knowing what they need and expect from engineering is the key to robustness. There is no such thing as a perfect launch so you need a team that can instantly resolve problems together and control the product change.
Because we do everything in house, its possible for us to make instant engineering changes and releases to authorise suppliers to change parts if there are build issues. There is no lead time, no third party unexpected cost for CAD or drawings.
We have designed assembly lines, moved product to new assembly facilities, increased capacity, decreased complexity, created build instructions, resolved quality issues, mapped TAKT times, audited, sourced and de-sourced!
We help our supply chains and assembly partners work to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 so you have a level of assurance that they have best practice.

Product Efficiency

Coupling technology with knowledge, we use the latest methods to drive your efficiency.

You already have something in volume production but the build cost, materials or labour is sapping your profit margin? Or maybe weight is critical to your design and you haven’t got a competitive edge?

  • Our manufacturing engineers have worked with OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufacturers to line balance, time process and provide movement analysis. We often get called in post launch for immediate efficiency drives!
  • Our Design engineers use design best practice for efficiency. Keeping critical characteristics and functionality, they will find the parts that can be cost or weight effective without effecting customer perception or quality.

We use our very own collaborative tool to focus in on the subject and bring the best Engineering minds together. WorkShop™ in  will capture all data generated in a workshop and present the immediate opportunities versus the more labour intensive or cost prohibitive. Basically it will present the fruit from low hanging to ‘not ripe’.

Due to the popularity of this service we have created custom packages for your convenience. We are not limited to this so contact us directly for a competitive quote.

Efficiency Light

1 day 1 Engineer workshop at your UK location* with up to 10 people £1,545 + VAT and expenses


Hopper of opportunities with clear priorities added to workstreams.

Efficiency Workshop

4 day 2 Engineer workshop at your UK location* with up to 10 people £5,145 + VAT and expenses.


A fully detailed, actionable plan and an accountability follow up.

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