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We all need a wake up, so wake up!

Has anybody else been watching Green Planet on the BBC? 

We have, and we absolutely adore David Attenborough. We all wish he was our granddad, friend or somebody we generally knew. 

We hang on his every word. Not just for the soothing and sweet tones but the wisdom imparted is unquestionable.


The message is pretty clear. We will not be able to have nice things if we dont tidy up after ourselves.

One really sad thing about watching programmes like the Green Planet is just the level of impact that the human race has in every day micro decisions, and seemingly our inability to actually see that impact. Maybe we’re too far removed from the concequences?

At The Bowen Brothers, we are honestly trying to make a difference. We’re writing this so we feel accountable to ourselves, our customers and the planet. Over the coming months we will share our decisions and journey in helping the manufacturing sector become more concious.

This isn’t because it’s current or cool, or we think we should because everybody else is. 

Its because of watching programmes like the Green planet, or the Blue planet. Following COP talks, listening to climate change key speakers, following the science.

Being made aware makes you responsible for the now concious decisions you make.

How crazy are plants??! The BBC have really bought them to life. We’ve got these living organisms around us that have established themselves over millions of years. That can be dug up by hands and replaced and cultivated for our own needs. And we need to do something about it. So our impact has to be as low as possible. We need to give the planet back to a large extent and we need our footprint to be absolutely tiny. Because it’s just not fair. So we’ll do our bit. We’re hoping everyone out there can do their bit. 

Why? Because the planet isnt ours. Its shared. And we are terrible neighbours


– January 2022

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