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Welcome to our blog!


I’m Andy, founder of The Bowen Brothers Ltd. We wanted to create a blog to capture the people and the ethos. People do business with people, right? So if you need to put your trust in someone then you should know who they are.

Firstly, we are a completely inclusive company. All that matters to our team are the people that have their back when they need it. Those people can believe, think and act how they like as long as its respectful and doesn’t hurt others. We only employ good natured people – skillsets can be taught or found elsewhere.

Secondly, behind the scenes we have a relaxed atmosphere! We believe people have a natural rythm and forcing people into strict work patterns and tasks will not get the best from them. We control delivery by all signing up to the customers contract – we monitor and control the output, not micromanage the input.

And lastly – we are unashamedly geeks. The bullies had their time at school, now its our time. We tinker, collaborate, think, build and generally LOVE innovation. Give us a clear afternoon on CAD and our 3D printers and we have an absolute blast.

Your project is in good hands. This isn’t just a job to us, its a lifestyle.

[Oh and Friday after 2pm is for retro gaming. If you need something doing last minute on a Friday you’ll have to pay triple – unless you’re a very smooth talker.]